10 Piece File Set

War World Gaming
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  • Set of 10 Steel Needle Files 
  • Files are Individually Shaped  
  • Rubber Grips for Easy Grip 
  • Can be used on Variety of Materials 
  • Ideal for Scale Modelling and Sculpting Miniatures 

A 10 Piece Steel Hobby File Set from War World Gaming. Ideal for Scale Modelling, sculpting, and removing excess material from models and figures. The set of 10 steel needle files with rubber grips are individually shaped and the set includes Round, Flat, Flat Parallel, Square, 3 Square, Half Round, Knife, Crossing, Oval & Crossing Taper shapes. Can be used on most model and modelling materials such as plastic, resin, wood, balsa, and soft metals.

Set Contains: 10 x Steel Needle Files