Assorted Seafoam Trees

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The sea foam modelling trees by War World Gaming are an ideal addition to any modelling landscape. They can be used directly as bare winter trees, or you can add foliage to create a more substantial tree perfect for any season. This is a natural product so colour and shape may vary slightly from the images. 

  •  A natural product part of the extensive War World Gaming product range 
  • Each box contains approx. 22 trees
  • Exact heights may vary – each tree is between approximately 75mm and 150mm tall

For adding foliage: 

We recommend using the Pro Grass Box Applicator, the Tree & Bush Foliage Spray and 2-4mm Tree Foliage.  

  1. Firstly, place your foliage onto the surface of the Box Applicator. 
  2. Then spray your tree with the foliage spray, and then switch on the box whilst holding the tree above the plate.
  3. Rotate the seafoam tree above the applicator to allow for an even, complete coverage.