Battle Bocage Vallejo Paint & Paintbrush Set

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This Battle Bocage Paint and Paintbrush Set is the ultimate addition to any Normandy Bocage resin kit. These are the paints our designer uses when painting up the Battle Bocage terrain pieces (see images) and we also have painting tutorials available online for guidance. Paints are manufactured by Vallejo and include a range of colours that blend together perfectly to create the ideal Bocage colour scheme. With the addition of the fine, medium and finishing paint brushes, you have everything you need to create an outstanding Normandy Bocage layout.

The Battle Bocage range from War World Gaming represents the battles of the bocage in the Normandy region of Northern France during WW2. Symbolised by narrow lanes twisting through the countryside flanked by hedgerows tall enough to hide an entire squad of men just feet from enemy forces. The Bocage terrain pieces include a variety of hedgerow sections and junctions as well as a range of foliage and scenery materials to create an authentic Bocage terrain for your wargame battles.

Kit Contains:

1 x 17ml Model Color Chocolate Brown

1 x 17ml Model Color English Uniform

1 x 17ml Game Color Bonewhite

1 x 17ml Model Color Neutral Grey

1 x 17ml Model Color Sky Grey

1 x Fine Paint Brush

1 x Medium Paint Brush

1 x Finishing Paint Brush