War Torn City for Sci Fi Wargames

sci fi wargaming

Meet the new War Torn City terrain, designed for Sci Fi Wargames. In an era decimated by war, the once mighty skyscrapers are crumbled to a grisly mess as the streets play host to murderers and petty thieves. Law was the only thing that separated us from the animals. The turn of the apocalypse marked…

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Red Dragon Wargaming Miniature

Red Dragon Wargaming Miniature

War World Gaming have released a fantastic range called Battleaxe miniatures. Our red dragon wargaming miniature is supplied unpainted for your creative pleasure and is hand crafted from high quality resin. See the sleeping baby dragon by clicking here. Product Design by David Heathfield David Heathfield is a multiple Golden Demon winner and a former…

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Wargaming Goblin from War World Gaming

wargaming goblin

If you’re looking for an ideal objective marker or an incredible decorative piece, look no further than this wargaming goblin. The Goblin Apprentice is a popular miniature by War World Gaming. Crafted from high quality resin, this Wargaming Goblin is supplied unpainted for your creative pleasure. Product Design by David Heathfield David Heathfield is a…

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