War Torn City for Sci Fi Wargames

sci fi wargaming

Meet the new War Torn City terrain, designed for Sci Fi Wargames.

In an era decimated by war, the once mighty skyscrapers are crumbled to a grisly mess as the streets play host to murderers and petty thieves. Law was the only thing that separated us from the animals. The turn of the apocalypse marked “crime” as old terminology. Decent citizens are no longer safe. The ruins of the great city are riddled with decaying walls, dark corners and higher grounds. One would swear that it was built for an ambush.

There is No Get-Away

Sci Fi Wargames

The only car in sight is a blown-up vehicle with an open bonnet, disfigured wheels and shattered windows. This new addition to the War-Torn City collection is the perfect objective marker.

Death from Above

Sci Fi Wargames

Tread with caution. The dismantled skyscrapers still act as higher ground for deranged gunmen. Your safest bet is to avoid being out in the open.

Avoid Corners

Sci Fi Wargames

From straight edges to blackened corners, the War-Torn City encloses entire gangs, waiting to mug and kill the innocent.

Product Description – The Ultimate Kit for Sci Fi Wargames

This set of 3 destroyed multi-storey rubble buildings includes individually detailed building sections that can add realism and an extra dimension to your layout or battleboard. The damaged car offers additional cover and can also act as an objective marker. Designed and produced in our award-winning Design Studio from high quality resin, these ruined buildings provide ideal cover for your troops, can act as objective markers on your battleboard and can also provide elevated firing positions. Combine with any of our post-apocalyptic War-Torn City range to create the ultimate urban warzone battlefield. Disclaimer: Resin material is hand-poured, so some modelling may be required.

Part of the War Torn City range from War World Gaming, the terrain pieces represent an apocalyptic, desolate and futuristic city, which include ruined buildings, street blockades, barricades and rubble, as well as miniature bases and a range of carefully selected scenery and basing materials perfect for use with military dioramas and any 28mm/heroic scale sci-fi or modern wargame such as Warhammer, 40,000, Infinity, Zombicide, Bolt Action, Warmachine, Age of sigmar, Necromunda.

Kit Contains (L x W x H):

1 x Middle T-Section Building (165 x 96 x 91mm)

1 x Corner Building Section (95 x 95 x 88 mm)

1 x Straight Building Wall Section (152 x 29 x 68 mm)

1 x Blown Up Car (98 x 65 x 33 mm)




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