Jungle Warfare MDF and Resin Military Camp with Scenery Complete Set

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The Jungle Warfare MDF and Resin Military Camp with Scenery Complete Set provides you with everything you need to create the ultimate jungle wargaming layout or military diorama. There are also additional smaller sets available by War World Gaming if you want to expand your jungle layout. In this jungle military encampment, we have created a typical jungle battle base with MDF structures including a watchtower to station a lookout, two huts to give rest to troops and store your munitions and even a thunderbox toilet, and resin terrain pieces that can act as objective markers in your tabletop wargame or add realism to any jungle military diorama. And you can take your diorama or layout to the next level with our exclusive jungle scenery, including basing and detailing grass perfect for creating realistic grass layers, grass tufts, lichen and a selection of palm trees to create an untamed jungle look and green jute perfect for creating jungle vines.

For centuries the Pacific Rim of Fire has been a battleground, from the Dynasties of Ancient China to the Vietnam and Korean wars. Recreate some of the deadliest battles with our Jungle Warfare range, a collection of resin, MDF and scenery materials which replicate the guerrilla warfare tactics that have long been employed to defend the tropical rainforests and jungles of the Pacific.

  • All you need to create the ultimate jungle encampment with this combined MDF military base kit and resin jungle terrain pieces with jungle scenery
  • Easy to construct and with a solid structure, this 3mm MDF is the perfect modelling material
  • Terrain pieces are made from high quality resin (unpainted) and sculpted by our award-winning design team
  • Ideal for all 28mm/heroic tabletop wargames and Pacific military dioramas
  • Kit contains 4 MDF building structures and a range of MDF and resin jungle terrain pieces with a selection of grasses and foliage to create an authentic jungle layout

Kit Contains:

Large Hut – (165mm x 80mm x 98mm)
Small Hut – (70mm x 60mm x 55mm)
Tower – (70mm x 70mm x 145mm)
Toilet – (30mm x 25mm x 43mm)
6 x Crates – (approx. 23mm x 17mm x 13mm each)
6 x Pallets – (22mm x 18mm x 3mm each)
6 x Blasted Palm Trees
2 x Ammo and Grenade Crates
2 x Hidden Tunnels with removable entrance
1 x Mountain Tunnel Entrance
1 x Punji Pit
1 x Ammo Stash
6 x Coconut Bunches (3 coconuts per bunch)
5 x Palm Trees
1 x Jungle Ground Tufts (25 Tufts)
1 x Large Bag of 2mm Autumn Static Grass
1 x Medium Bag of 4mm Summer Static Grass
1 x Large Bag of Jungle Floor Ground Cover
1 x Large Bag of medium Green Lichen
1 x Small Bag of Green Jute


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