Major Sable Mixture Round Brushes

War World Gaming
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  • Sable Mixture Round Fine Tipped Brushes for Fine Detail Painting 
  • Available in Size 00, 2, 4, or Together in a Set of 3 
  • Contain a Mixture of Sable Hair and Natural Filaments 
  • Perfect for Painting Models, Miniatures and Hobby Painting 
  • Suitable for Most Paint Media, Including Acrylic and Oil Based Paints 

Sable Mixture Round Brushes by Major from War World Gaming. Flexible, yet durable hand-made brushes containing a mixture of sable hair and other high quality natural filaments. Designed for detailed artwork by experienced users. Fine point, exceptional paint-holding. Suitable for a variety of paint media. Available individually in sizes 00, 2, or 4, or together in a Set of 3.

Choose between: 1 x Size 00 Sable Mixture Round Brush, 1x Size 2 Sable Mixture Round Brush, 1x Size 4 Sable Mixture Round Brush or Set of all 3 Sable Mixture Round Brushes