Battle of the Bocage Scenery- Fully Painted

Battle of the Bocage Scenery- Fully Painted


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The battle of the bocage pitted the advancing Allies against retreating German forces in the summer of 1944, as the liberation of Europe from the stranglehold of its Nazi occupiers hinged on the success of the daring Operation Overlord. After mounting successful assaults on the beaches of Normandy on June 4th, forever known as D-Day, the united allied forces surged into Northern France, desperate to press home their momentum and break the stretched defensive lines of the German troops. The bitter struggle that followed, as both sides fought doggedly to gain advantage will be remembered in history as one of the greatest battles of the modern age.

The battle of the bocage is symbolised by the high hedgerows of the Normandy region of Northern France.  Narrow lanes twisting through the countryside, flanked by hedgerows tall enough to hide an entire squad of men only feet from enemy forces.  It was a terrain that tested the battle tactics of even the most experienced military leaders; perfect for ambush, easy to conceal armour and heavy weaponry, a battlefield where nouse and skill win over firepower and numbers. 


Recreate those bitter battles with the Bocage Scenery Kits from WWS.  Test your metal against friends or foe and discover whether you have what it takes to emerge triumphant from the battle of the bocage!  Here at WWS we pride ourselves on producing model scenery of the highest standard and we believe that our beautifully designed Bocage Models are no exception.  Developed by our Award Winning Modeller they are made with exquisite detail, rabbits burrowing amongst the bushes and other critters hiding in the hedgerows.  Once moulded from high quality resin, we then hand our models over to our head painter who begins the painstaking process of turning the resin into the hyper realistic creations we send out.  He applies a base coat of paint before picking out the detail in the walls, developing the intricate tree stumps and building up the thick hedgerow foliage.  The results speak for themselves.  This bocage kit is the perfect addition to any battle board or diorama whether you are looking for the first building blocks of a landscape or want to add greater detail to your scenery. 


As you can imagine creating something of this calibre takes time and each set that we sell is made to order, so there will be a lee time between placing the order and sending the set.


Set Specifications:

2 x Long Straight Hedgerows (190mm x 30mm x 30mm)

2 x Short Straight Hedgerows ( 80mm x 30mm x 25mm)

2 Corner Sections (90mm x 90mm x 30mm)

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