Fantasy WarGame Bases Fully Painted – Set of 10 – WWSR4

Fantasy WarGame Bases Fully Painted – Set of 10 – WWSR4


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10 x Fantasy WarGame Bases Fully Painted 

These wonderfully crafted Resin Bases from the Award Winners at WWS are beautifully designed with intricate details to bring life to your fantasy wargaming experience. Designed and Crafted by our Multi-Award Winning Modeller David Heathfield, this set of 10 bases will compliment any number of other manufacturers to blend seamlessly into your fantasy world. We add a professional finish to all of our Bases, each expertly handpainted by passionate model makers with added grassy tufts for ultra realism. We are immensely proud of our resin products here at WWS, produced by Fantasy Gamers for Fantasy Gamers.

This Set includes: 
5 x 20mm Bases 
3 x 30mm Bases 
2 x 45mm Bases

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