Green Stuff 10inch 1Green Stuff 10inch 3Green Stuff 10inch 5Green Stuff 10inch 6Green Stuff 10inch 7Green Stuff 10inch 8
Green Stuff Variation
Green Stuff 10inch 1
Green Stuff 10inch 3
Green Stuff 10inch 5
Green Stuff 10inch 6
Green Stuff 10inch 7
Green Stuff 10inch 8

Green Stuff Sculpting Kits

£7.99 - £9.99 £6.79 - £8.49

  • SCULPTING KITS – Green stuff sculpting kits by War World Gaming
  • GREEN STUFF – Choose between 4”, 6” or 8” Green Stuff Sculpting Kits with tools or a 10” strip only
  • VARIOUS MATERIALS – Green stuff can be used on plastic, resin or metal miniatures
  • MINIATURES – Fill in gaps on your miniature models and figures
  • TOOLS – A range of sculpting tools (2) and modelling files (2) are included in the sculpting kits
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