Sand and Gravel Glue Fixer 100ml

Sand and Gravel Glue Fixer 100ml


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WWS Sand and Gravel Glue can be used to fix down, earth, gravel, small stones and of course sand. 


This is a water based glue that has been mixed specifically with modelling in mind. 

The glue has had is surface tension reduced to allow it to easily penetrate substrates. 

It dries quickly which you can accelerate by using a hairdryer. As in the picture it gives a sheen when dry which is great if you want to create a brook or stream effect. If not you can always use matt varnish or dry brush to remove the  sheen. Comes with a spout for easy pouring or you can use a brush or spray gun.


All spills can be easily cleaned using a wet sponge.

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