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Sand and Gravel Glue Fixer 100ml


  • Repair Glue for Model Sand and Gravel 250ml
  • Water-based adhesive
  • Supplied in a bottle complete with detail nozzle and cap
  • Easy to apply and dries clear
  • Ideal for use on any wargaming battleboard, model diorama or miniatures
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    The Sand and Gravel Glue can be used to fix down earth, gravel, small stones and sand. This is a water-based glue that has been mixed specifically for scenery modelling. The glue has had its surface tension reduced to allow it to easily penetrate substrates. It dries quickly and produces a sheen when dry ideal for a creating brooks or streams on your battleboard or diorama. Alternatively, you can use matt varnish or a dry brush to remove the sheen. Comes with a detail nozzle for easy pouring or you can use a brush or attach a spray gun to apply the glue to the desired area.

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    Weight 130 g

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