Seafoam Sea Foam Tree Trees Model Railways Small Size


Choose your Sea foam Trees! 

4 combinations to choose from.


Key Features:

Available in Small, Medium, Large or Mixed Boxes.


Each Box is 9 x 6 x 4 inches. 

  • The Small Tree Size box contains approximately 40 trees which are a minimum of 3 inches/75mm in height. 
  • The Medium Tree Size box contains approximately 25 trees which are a minimum of 4.5 inches/114mm in height.
  • The Large Tree Size box contains approximately 15 trees which are a minimum of 6 inches/153mm in height.
  • The Mixed Tree Box contains approximately 25 tree ranging from 3 inches to 8 inches.


Sea Foam Trees look great on their own as winter trees . If you wish to add glue and foliage to create excellent looking seasonal trees then read on. This is using WWS products only, however you can use your choice of glue or foliage.


The following process is for the quickest and best results available, using WWS products.


Less than 2 minutes from start to finish, for a great looking tree!!


  • Place your WWS 2mm or 4mm Tree Foliage onto The Pro Grass Box.
  • Spray your tree with WWS Tree and Bush Foliage Spray
  • Switch on the Pro Grass Box and rotate the sea foam tree over the Box allowing an even coverage of foliage.


Suitable for Model Railways, Dioramas and Dolls Houses


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