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Static Grass Tufts Glue 250ml


  • Tuft Glue 250ml
  • Ideal for creating static grass tufts or reapplying tufts to your layout or base
  • Easy-to-apply water-based glue
  • Supplied in a bottle complete with detail nozzle and cap
  • For best results, use with our Pro Grass Box Applicator
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  • High Quality War World Scenics Logo

    This Tuft Glue is made specifically for creating tufts. Supplied in a bottle with detail nozzle to apply small amounts of glue to tuft paper or directly onto your battleboard or diorama.

    For best results, use with the Pro Grass Box Applicator to create tufts with Static Grass from our extensive range of Static Grass.

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    Weight 255 g

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