War-Torn City – Ruined Multi-Storey Buildings Full Set with Scenery Materials  


  • Full Set of 3 Ruined Multi-Storey Buildings with street barricades and blockades in addition to War-Torn City Scenery Materials from the War-Torn City range
  • Can provide cover for your troops, an objective marker as well as vantage points
  • Made from high quality resin (unpainted) with intricate details ideal for your 28mm/heroic scale battlefield?
  • Perfect for?any modern or sci-fi wargame?(Warhammer, 40K, Age of Sigmar,?Necromunda)
  • Kit Contains: 3 x War-Torn Buildings, 3 x Barricades, 2 x Blockades & A Range of Scenery Materials
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  • Part of the War-Torn City range, the terrain pieces represent an apocalyptic, desolate and futuristic city, which includes ruined buildings, street blockades, barricades and rubble, as well as miniature bases and a range of carefully selected scenery and basing materials perfect for use with military dioramas and any 28mm/heroic scale sci-fi or modern wargame such as Warhammer, 40,000, Infinity, Bolt Action, Warmachine, Age of sigmar, Necromunda

    This ruined multi-storey building set with street barricades and blockades includes 3 different intricately detailed buildings with clear plastic windows and a neon sign to add realism to your layout, as well as defensive street barricades and blockades made from crates and barrels. Designed and produced in our award-winning Design Studio from high quality resin, this set provides ideal cover, vantage points as well as an objective marker for your troops. This set also includes our War-Torn City range of scenery and basing materials.

    Set Contains:

    1 x T-Section Building (170x120x100 mm)

    1 x Corner Building (140x132x100 mm)

    1 x Corner Building with Firing Hole (140x120x100 mm)

    3 x Barricades (150x35x40mm)

    2 x Barrel and Crate Blockades (105x70x37mm)

    3 x Barricades (150x35x40mm)

    2 x Barrel and Crate Blockades (105x70x37mm)

    1 x Army Fine Sand

    1 x Fine Rock Rubble

    1 x Coarse Rock Rubble

    1 x Large Rock Rubble

    1 x Splintered Wood

    1 x Molten Rock

    1 x Glass Debris

    1 x Rubble Tufts

    Disclaimer: Resin material is hand-poured, so some modelling may be required.

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    Weight 1100 g
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