War-Torn City – Street Blockades 28mm/Heroic Scale


Key Features 

  • Set of 2 Street Blockades from War World Gaming’s new War-Torn City Battleground 
  • Ideal Defensive Cover Terrain for your 28mm/Heroic Scale Battlefield 
  • With exquisite details these pieces will create a new dimension for your Battles 
  • Perfect for any Modern or Sci-Fi Wargame (Warhammer, 40K, Age of Sigmar, Necromunda) 
  • Designed in our Award-Winning Studio, Created from Resin & supplied Unpainted 


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Take Cover amongst the War-Torn City Battleground from War World Gaming.  Our latest Terrain pieces represent an apocalyptic, desolate City set in the near future, ideal as a Landscape for use with any 28mm/Heroic Scale Sci-Fi or Modern Wargame.   

This Set of 2 Street Blockades are perfect defensive positions, allowing you to position your Miniatures ready to ambush your enemy or hold your ground under Assault.  Using the  resources available amongst the rubble, these hastily built blockades will add beautiful details and incredible realism to your Battlefield. 

Dimensions – 100x65x31mm, 105x70x37mm
Supplied Unpainted.
Figure Included for Scale Purposes Only 


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Weight .0120 kg
Dimensions 70 x 105 x 37 cm