Wargaming Periscope with Crosshair Sight in Black FREE DELIVERY


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Wargaming Periscope with Crosshair Sight in Black 



Key Features

  • Line of Sight Periscope with Crosshairs to ensure you never miss a shot
  • Laser Cut from Durable MDF
  • The most authentic models view for your Wargaming experience
  • Painted Black and Etched with the WWS Logo
  • Recreate the Tactics of Legendary Commanders on your own Battlefield



Product Desciption

The Line of Sight Wargaming Periscope from WWS provides you with an accurate models eye view for your Battles. With an engraved Crosshair set to recreate the eyeline of a 28mm scale model, this is out most authentic Wargaming Instrument yet. Produced from durable laser cut MDF and Painted Black.