WWS 28mm Normandy Battle of the Bocage Defensive Position Kit 7

WWS 28mm Normandy Battle of the Bocage Defensive Position Kit 7


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The Battle of the Bocage is symbolised by the high hedgerows of the Normandy region of Northern France. Narrow lanes twisting through the countryside, flanked by hedgerows tall enough to hide an entire squad of men only feet from enemy forces. It was a terrain that tested the battle tactics of even the most experienced military leaders; perfect for ambush, easy to conceal armour and heavy weaponry, a battlefield where nouse and skill win over firepower and numbers. Recreate those bitter battles with the Bocage Scenery Kits from WWS.
Test your metal against friends or foe and discover whether you have what it takes to emerge triumphant from the battle of the bocage! Here at WWS we pride ourselves on producing model scenery of the highest standard and we believe that our beautifully designed Bocage Models are no exception. Developed by our Award Winning Modeller they are made with exquisite detail, a fox peering through the hedgerows and tank tracks dug into the mud.  This bocage kit is the perfect addition to any battle board or diorama whether you are looking for the first building blocks of a landscape or want to add greater detail to your scenery.
This latest Kit 7 brings a new angle to our battleground.  The T-Junction in the road is guarded by a defensive sandbag position, although there has clearly been some lasting damage done by a tank that passed down this road not so long ago.  Can you hold the junction against all odds?
Kit Contains:
1x Single Straight Bocage Section – 16cm x 3cm x 3cm
1 x Tank Damaged Bocage Section – 16.5cm x 3cm x 2cm
2 x T Section Curved Bocage – 8cm x 3cm x 2cm
1 x Sand Bag Defensive Bocage – 8cm x 3cm x 2cm
1 x Short Straight Bocage Section – 8cm x 3cm x 2cm
1 x T Road Section – 15cm x 7cm
1 x Straight Road Section – 16cm x 7cm
Large Bag Dark Green Summer Clump
Medium Bag Summer 2mm Static Grass
Small Bag Summer Flower Clump Foliage
Small Bag Red Berry Clump Foliage

*Model Tank and Figures Not Included*

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