WWS War Pro Grass Box Smooth Case


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No DC adapter needed, works straight from the box, runs off a 9V battery which is supplied fitted.

The Box size is 117 x 97 x 50mm with a 17 inch earth cable.


To get you started you also get 

: 25ml of our Tacky Glue 

: Sample of our 2mm Summer Static Grass

: Sample of our 4mm Spring Static Grass.

: Piece of Silicone paper for making Tufts and Flowers

Not suitable for 6 or 10mm grass

 Pro Grass Box can provide the user with a small static shock when you touch the earth lead (crocodile clip) and the metal plate at the same time. The wearing or rubber gloves will prevent this.


NOT recommended for people with heart problems or any internal medical electronic devices.


Not for Children.

Any questions just ask. Instruction Sheet ProvidedAny questions just ask. Instruction Sheet Provided


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Weight 2.5 kg