Bolt Action
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Bolt Action

WWS WarGame Acrylic Action Tokens Wargaming, Bolt Action, Warlord games, WWST7


Key Features
  • WWS Acrylic Action Tokens
  • Bag of 10 Charge and Retreat Tokens
  • Produced from Durable Acrylic Plastic
  • Ideal for 28mm WarGames
  • Engraved with 'Charge' and 'Retreat'
Product Description
These Acrylic action tokens from WWS are the perfect accompaniment to your Wargaming experience. Made from a hard, durable acrylic plastic this pack of ten tokens contains 6 red charge arrows and 4 yellow retreat arrows (At WWS like to think you will be attacking more than retreating) With each token engraved with either Charge or Retreat these tokens are durable and won't wear over time.

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