How to Paint like an Eavy Metal Team Member

Gutrot Greenskins Grunger The Troll 2

Class is in session and it’s time to meet your tutor. David Heathfield is a multiple Golden Demon winner and a former Eavy Metal Team Member. He’s also the head designer at War World Gaming where he forges structures for fantasy fanatics, sci-fi nuts and lovers of historic wargames.

Preparing Your Project

If you intend on painting a resin piece, ensure that it is washed in warm soapy water. It’s important that you get rid of all mould that may come with it. Once your miniature is dry, ensure that it is smooth by sanding it down.

Secondly, mount your miniature on an elevated surface such as an upside-down flowerpot. This will stop you from handling the miniature with your hands and make the piece far easier to paint.

Priming the Miniature

Eavy Metal Team Member
Today’s demonstration is practiced on the Gut Root Green Skins. Click here to visit our miniatures page.

Your miniature is now ready to be painted. Firstly, it is important that you use a primer. Priming your miniature will fill in the fine lines and round off rough edges. You may use black, white or grey paint.

Your best option is to use a spray primer. Spray primer is statically charged to give the best adherence and finish to your miniatures. Your primer should be stored at room temperature or at the temperature recommended by the manufacturer. 

Give your primer a good old shake before spraying your piece. This is especially important if you’ve neglected storing your primer at room temperature. Hold the spray just 30cm away and add two thin layers of coating.

Don’t overload your miniatures with paint and be sure to let the first layer dry before applying the second one.

David also recommends allowing the miniature to dry in a warm dry atmosphere. If needed, you may use a hair dryer on a light setting. However, allow the miniatures to dry be themselves for a few minutes first. If you use the hair dryer too early, the outer coating will dry faster than the inner coating which will ruin the texture of the project.

Applying Paint

Eavy Metal Team Member 2
Begin detailing your miniatures with three to four thin base coats.

Now it’s finally time to get painting. David recommends that you use a good Daylight lamp so that you can see the project more clearly.

Thinner paint will give you a better finish. Start with three to four base coatings to smooth things out. When applying this base coating, don’t worry too much about getting paint on other areas. You’re going to be painting those other sections again later.

However, when adding the finer detail, keep things simple and neat. brush control is really important and keeping neat edge highlights and neat blocked out areas is good practice.

Once a figure is finished, do not re-paint it. There may be area’s you’re unhappy with but adding to the problem spots may make it worse. Furthermore, you will learn from your mistakes.

We recommend you use Vallejo’s wide range of paints for your projects.

Click here to view our paint store.


Comparing Your Miniatures

Practice makes perfect. The more hours you put into painting your miniatures the better. David recommends comparing your miniatures to the professionals. This may seem off putting at first but it is an excellent way of improving your skills.

The full team, painted and ready for action. The base is decorated with WWScenics static grass. Click here to visit

Featured Miniatures

Throughout this article, we’ve been showing off our new range of fantasy footballers. Allow us to introduce you to the Gut Root Green Skins. These wicked punch of hooligans have been designed by our former Eavy Metal Team Member David and are available through our miniatures page.

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