How to Paint Military Diorama – Broken Walls

Damaged Wall Sections 1

Priming Your Product

The World at War Broken Walls is made from resin so give it a wash in warm soapy water to get rid of any residue. After drying the item with a towel, spray it with a black primer.

Coating the Walls

The primary colour you’ll be using is a neutral grey but you’ll be highlighting the walls with a sky grey. The neutral grey will be thoroughly coated on with a number six brush.

Lightly dry brush the sky grey onto your stone walls. Help the detail to stand out.

Adding Flock

Use a dab of super glue and a paper clip to lightly stripe your broken walls. Sprinkle fine olive foliage to the broken wall and lightly blow off any excess.

Apply another bit of super glue but this time, dab it on in spots. Apply a lighter foliage.

Wrapping Up

War World Gaming offers a wide range of walls which can be used as objective markers or hiding spots.

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