Red Dragon Wargaming Miniature

Red Dragon Wargaming Miniature

War World Gaming have released a fantastic range called Battleaxe miniatures. Our red dragon wargaming miniature is supplied unpainted for your creative pleasure and is hand crafted from high quality resin. See the sleeping baby dragon by clicking here.

Product Design by David Heathfield

David Heathfield is a multiple Golden Demon winner and a former member of the Eavy Metal team, Games Workshop’s elite band of painters. Stay up to date with Dave’s projects through his incredible Battleaxe Miniatures Facebook page.

A Dragons Younger Days

A historic beast, the Juvenile Dragon is an agile, powerful reptile with a 1300-degree furnace in its gut.

Although these remarkable creatures commonly linger in the depths of the forest, they are often found circling the mountain tops or basking on the rocky shore lines.

It’s wise advice not to approach a wild Juvanile Dragon. However, when a dragon is adopted before adolescence, they may be tamed, much like a dog.

Although friendly natured, younger dragons prove themselves to be very boisterous. Unstable behaviour includes hiding your belongings, eating goods from the pantry and setting your property on fire.

Be patient with your dragon and follow correct training protocol. In doing so, raising a dragon can be very rewarding but also very profitable!

The Ultimate Safe Keeper

Tall and mighty, the Juvanile Dragon is the guardian of choice for many banks and jewellery stores around the country.

Dragons hear at a range of 400kHz. That’s over twenty times more than the average human. This allows the dragon to sense hostile beings from afar.

A dragon’s long body makes for an excellent barricade. Thieves regrettably test their luck. One whip from a dragon’s muscular tail is bone crushing.

There have been numerous cases where an intruder has threatened a dragon. All that is left for evidence are scattered ashes.

The Unstable Dragon

Dragons are the mighty guardians of banks, jewellery stores and structures of historic importance. However, some dragons serve an evil purpose.

Chained around the neck and made to earn their meat, dragons sit anxiously at the doors of thieves’ guilds.

Aggressive and untrained, dragons of the dark world often fail to distinguish between their master and an intruder.

Whilst trained dragons ignite their aggressor, the untrained, unfed beast is quick to eat its pray alive.

However, there have been several documented cases where an unstable dragon has singed criminal houses out of existence.

Get Your Own Dragon!

Would you like to see your own red dragon wargaming miniature on your wargaming table? If so, click here.

Once you’ve finished painting your piece, tag us on Instagram and we’ll share your project to our stories!

Red Dragon Wargaming Miniature



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