Wargaming Goblin from War World Gaming

wargaming goblin

If you’re looking for an ideal objective marker or an incredible decorative piece, look no further than this wargaming goblin.

The Goblin Apprentice is a popular miniature by War World Gaming. Crafted from high quality resin, this Wargaming Goblin is supplied unpainted for your creative pleasure.

Product Design by David Heathfield

David Heathfield is a multiple Golden Demon winner and a former member of the Eavy Metal team, Games Workshop’s elite band of painters. Stay up to date with Dave’s projects through his incredible Battleaxe Miniatures Facebook page.

The Humble Servant

Goblins are the apprentice of choice for wizards and tradesmen. They may not be intelligent but they’re easy to train and remain very loyal.

Goblins are commonly used for simple tasks such are carrying, fetching or acting as a bench to place things on if needed.

Despite their relentless pursuit to please their masters, goblins don’t require much food. In fact, a simple slice of bread will fuel a goblin for up to forty-eight hours.

These graceless creatures are prone to accident. Thankfully, they are cheap to replace.

Their Clumsy Nature

Although goblins are faithful servants, they’re not always convenient. From getting trapped in the cogs of a steam engine to causing catastrophic explosions whilst mixing poisons, they are a clumsy folk.

As well as lacking intelligence, goblins have large heads. Goblins fall over as much as thirty-five times per day thanks to this physical disadvantage.

Their big feet are also troublesome. From studding their toes on tables to breaking valuable ornaments, goblins are often flogged by their master for the damage they’ve caused.

Goblins have large hairy toes that civilians accidentally stomp on as they shop.

Due to a lack of special awareness, goblins trap their ears between cupboard doors.

Get Your Wargaming Goblin Apprentice

Click here to see this terrific piece and remember, we share all your War World Gaming painting projects through out Instagram channel!

Wargaming Goblin




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