Complete Fantasy Village Set 

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The Complete Fantasy Village Set includes our merchant house, cottage, town house and the house with outhouse combo. You will also receive smaller terrain pieces such as shop signs, barrels, the blacksmiths forge and much more. The terrain pieces are all intricately detailed to add realism to your layout. The set has been designed and produced in our award-winning Design Studio. Made from high quality resin, the terrain pieces are supplied unpainted. Customize your set  so that they fit straight into your battle-board or model diorama.

  • Made from high quality resin (unpainted)
  • Complements our Fantasy Village range
  • Ideal for your 20mm – 28mm battlefields or model dioramas

About the Fantasy Village

Welcome to the Fantasy Village range from War World Gaming. Hand-carved in our award-winning design studio, these terrain pieces provide the perfect backdrop to any fantasy or medieval wargame. The Fantasy Village includes a range of buildings and outbuildings as well as smaller terrain pieces such as water wells and market stalls.

At War World Gaming, we strive to create the ultimate in unique gaming environments with intricate details that will take your battle experience to the next level. You will find that our set is ideal for a range of wargaming tabletop games including Age of Sigmar, Confrontation, War of the Roses and others.

Set contains

  • Cottage – 110mm (W) x 100mm (D) x 142mm (H) x1
  • Merchant House – 130mm (W) x 103mm (D) x 198mm (H) x1
  • Town House -118mm (W) x 90mm (D) x 155mm (H) x1
  • House -100mm (W) x 90mm (D) x 165mm (H) x1
  • Outhouse – 55mm (W) x 45mm (D) x 63mm (H) x1
  • Damaged Houses x3
  • Blacksmiths Forge with Anvil and Coal Bucket x1
  • Market Stall with Boxes, Barrels and Crates x1
  • Sleeping Dragon x1
  • Well x1
  • Shop Signs with 4 Standing Posts x10
  • Balls of Rope x3


Resin material is hand-poured, so some modelling may be required.