Model Muds 100ml

War World Gaming
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  • Model Muds for Realistic Ground Textures
  • Choose Between 5 Colours, Emulating Different Earth Types 
  • Available in Smooth, Fine or Coarse Textures 
  • Perfect for Creating Base Layers for Layouts and Dioramas 
  • Supplied in a 100ml Tub 

The Model Muds by War World Scenics are the perfect way to create a variety of realistic ground textures. Each of the 5 colours can be used to emulate different types of earth. Coarse and Fine texture Model Muds dry to produce a dry effect ground, while Smooth texture Model Muds dry to produce a wet effect. Supplied in a 100ml tub.

Choose Between: Black Peat, Light Brown, Brown Clay, Dark Brown, or Clay. Each Available in Smooth, Fine, or Coarse Textures.