Fantasy Forest Bases

War World Gaming
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  • Sets of Round Fantasy Forest Resin Bases for Miniatures 
  • Highly Versatile Classic Medieval-Fantasy Forest Theme 
  • Hand Moulded from High Quality Resin & Supplied Unpainted  
  • Scaled to Fit 20mm-28mm Figures and Miniatures    
  • Ideal for Fantasy or Medieval Wargames and Tabletop Roleplaying Games   

The Fantasy Forest Resin Bases by War World Gaming are perfect for Fantasy or Medieval themed games and miniatures. Made from our high-quality resin, each Fantasy Forest base in the sets is uniquely designed and supplied unpainted. Scaled to fit 20-28mm figures and miniatures.

Disclaimer: Resin material is hand-poured, so some modelling may be required. For best results, clean in warm soapy water before painting. 

Choose Between: 5 x 25mm, 10 x 25mm, 5 x 40mm, or 3 x 50mm Fantasy Forest Resin Bases