Forest Adventure Pack with Modular Dungeon Battle Grid

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  • Forest Themed Adventure Pack containing a selection of themed terrain scatter, set pieces and model scenery elements, plus the Modular Dungeon Battle Grid
  • Ideal for Tabletop RPG encounters and campaigns, wargame scatter and more
  • Intricately detailed resin miniatures
  • Realistic model scenery elements to immerse your players in the environment
  • Contains 22 Resin set pieces, bases & scatter, plus the Summer Forest Scenery Kit and the Modular Dungeon Battle Grid (30x22 1-Inch/25mm Squares)

Immerse your players with the Forest Adventure Pack. A selection of themed resin terrain scatter and set pieces, with realistic model scenery elements. Ideal for Tabletop RPG encounters and campaigns, wargames and fantasy dioramas.
The Modular Dungeon Battle Grid offers Players and Game Masters a tactical gameplay experience for Tabletop Role-Playing Games and grid-based tabletop wargame systems. The modular design enables flexible arenas, suitable for Large, Small and Multi-Level encounters. Modular Dungeon Battle Grid is Laser-Cut from 3mm MDF, for a sturdy construction with laser etched 1-Inch grid squares. Supplied in Natural MDF colour, available separately in Grey.

Contains: 1x Modular Dungeon Battle Grid – Natural MDF (30x22 Squares), 10x Blasted Tree Stumps (Mixed Sizes), 5x 25mm Forest Resin Bases, 1x 50mm Forest Resin Base, 1x Signpost with Raven, 5x Ravens, 1x Summer Forest Scenery Kit
Modular Dungeon Battle Grid Dimensions: Grid Section = 39x29.5cm, Fully Assembled = 78x59cm
Summer Forest Scenery Kit Contents: 1x 2mm Patchy Static Grass, 1x 4mm Summer Static Grass, 1x Forest Ground Cover, 1x Forest Ground Dirt Scatter, 1x Forest Green Lichen, 1x Wild Summer Flower Clump Foliage

Disclaimers: Residual smell from laser cutting process will dissipate in a few days. Resin materials supplied Unpainted and may require additional modelling; wash in warm soapy water and dry before painting.