Goblin Apprentice - 28mm/Heroic Scale

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The Goblin Apprentice is a lowly peon carrying his masters books.
This piece is made from high quality resin. You may use this folkloric Battleaxe Miniature as a gaming piece, scenic item or an objective marker. If you prefer, simply use this collectible miniature for painting or dioramas. 

Know Your Goblins

Goblins are the apprentice of choice for wizards and tradesmen. You will find that goblins are not very intelligent. However, they're easy to train and remain very loyal.
Goblins are commonly used for simple tasks such are carrying, fetching or acting as a bench to place things on if needed. \n Despite their relentless pursuit to please their masters, goblins don't require much food. In fact, a simple slice of bread will fuel a goblin for up to forty-eight hours.
These graceless creatures are prone to accident. Thankfully, they are cheap to replace.