Goblin Gang & Troll

War World Gaming
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Hidden amongst the darkest forest and the deepest caves, Goblins patiently wait for an opportunity to mug, murder and consume their victims. The Goblins' cunningness and flexibility allows them to tumble on passing travellers through the treetops, take cover in the tightest rocky crevices or camouflage themselves amongst the shrubbery.

The Goblin Gang with a mighty troll from War World Gaming are moulded from high quality resin and supplied unpainted, ready for your creative touch. Each miniature is uniquely positioned and full of character. This six-creature team has been purposely manufactured for 28-millimetre fantasy wargames.

Here at War World Gaming, we are passionate about wargaming and miniatures, are always trying to improve our products and we are continually creating new additions to our huge range of scenery and terrain. Whether it's uniquely designed figures or incredible wargaming pieces, we have something to suit all layouts. Our ranges vary from futuristic sci-fi terrain, medieval warfare pieces, beautiful fantasy buildings, or a large selection of military terrain. Not only that, we have a multitude of modelling materials to bring your battles to life, from gravels and sands, static grass tufts to trees, and a huge combination of basing kits!

Set Includes:
1 x Troll
1 x 40mm Miniature Base
5 x Unique Goblins
5 x 25mm Miniature Bases