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The Green Stuff Sculpting Kits by War World Gaming provide an ideal starting point for your green stuff modelling experience. Green stuff is a two-part putty that is ideal for your modelling requirements, from sculpting extra details onto your models or filling in gaps and repairing your miniatures or figures.

This modelling putty can be applied to plastic, resin and metal miniatures once the two colours have been mixed together. Once fully cured, the green stuff can be painted, and other components can be glued to the area. It also has a long work-life, recommended at 1 hour, and holds fine detail.

Green stuff doesn't shrink as it cures and it is the putty of choice when sculpting models for wargames such as Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, Dungeons and Dragons etc.

Included in the kit are also different sculpting tools and modelling files. The two sculpting tools provided are double ended and designed specifically to shape or sculpt the green stuff, whether to sculpt figures or models, or to fill in gaps in your miniatures.

The supplied files are ideal for removing any excess and providing a professional and seamless finish.