Gutrot Greenskins - Full Team & Star Players

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Cheer on the Gutrot Greenskins! Smaller than most men but twice as daring, these little maniacs are vicious, cruel and cunning. The Greenskins have excellent agility and are no strangers to dirty tactics. During a match, Goblins are prone to being squished by larger opponents but come in abundance. This set now includes each of our Star Players; the mighty Chainsaw Goblin, the bouncy Pogo Stick wielding Goblin, the deadly Bomber Goblin and the Ball & Chain wielding Fanatic Goblin. Each one uses their rule defying equipment to sow chaos and help to defeat the opposition. Hand moulded from high quality resin & supplied unpainted.

Our set of fantasy football fanatics are hand moulded from high quality resin. This team is perfect for fantasy-based football games, such as Blood Bowl, but may also be used as a gaming piece or a collectable to paint and put on display. Each goblin comes with its own round base. For best results, clean in warm soapy water before painting. Disclaimer: Resin material is hand-poured, so some modelling may be required.

Kit Contains:

1 x Thrower, 4 x Linemen, 2 x Blockers, 2 x Catchers, 2 x Blitzers, 1 x Manager, 2 x Troll, 1 x Pogo Stick Special Player, 1 x Chainsaw Special Player, 1 x Bomber Special Player, 1 x Fanatic Special Player, 16 x 25mm Round Bases, 2 x 40mm Round Bases


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    Happy with them...however

    Posted by Alexander McFadyen on 2nd Sep 2021

    For the price of this team I am happy with them, the team is relatively easy to put together with some caveats. The scale of models can definitely lead to some wrist and ankle joints being weak so shile cleaning they are prone to bend and snap (only happened on two models). The worst offenders were the couple of models that had a slotted base insert that was much larger than the slot so had to be cut and it was enough force to remove a foot (I generally pride myself on being a good and cautious modeller so this took me by surprised.) Other than that the models are great, there was barely any real cleaning that had to be done, there was very little if any flash and many of the small details were still intact.