Industry of War 3 x Triple Walkway with Handrail

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A set of 3 Industry of War Triple Walkways with Handrails by War World Gaming. With the Triple Walkways you can connect any of the Industry of War towers or buildings together to expand your battleboard. Disclaimer: MDF kits require modelling tools and glue to assemble. Any residual smell from laser cutting will dissipate within a few days.

  • Modular warzone to host your own 20mm-28mm battles by War World Gaming
  • Easy-to-build structure made from laser-cut MDF
  • Available pre-painted or unpainted
  • Multi-storey industrial gaming environment
  • Perfect for Warhammer, 40k, Shadow War, Necromunda, or any Sci-Fi/Modern 28mm Wargame

Part of the Industry of War range of modular battle environments by War World Gaming. These multi-level arenas recreate the fierce fighting within factory complexes as your armies look to assert their control over vitally important strategic positions. Our easy-to-assemble kits are supplied pre-painted or unpainted and are produced from high quality 3mm laser-cut MDF which can be disassembled once you have defeated your enemies. Industry of War also features a range of highly detailed resin terrain pieces to further enhance and expand the battlefield. Perfect for almost any 20mm – 28mm modern or sci-fi wargame.

Kit Contains: 3 x Triple Walkway with Handrail (240mm x 25mm x 50mm)


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    Excellent additions to the set

    Posted by Simon Ayesse on 30th Nov 2021

    These look fantastic when assembled. I ordered the pre-painted version and I could not be happier with the look. The laser cutting produces a bit of "laser burn" that perfectly complements the overall industrial look. I will recommend getting out a measuring device of some kind before you order: in person, these are longer than I thought they would be from just the photos on the web page. Consulting the given measurements (which are accurate) will give a better impression of how these will fit among your other pieces. My only complaint is that the bag of parts comes without a label indicating the contents, nor any kind of instructions. That's a minor gripe, however, since these pieces are perfectly simple to assemble and everything fit together perfectly for me, including connection to other pieces in the larger set. I recommend them to anyone looking to expand the options for interconnecting the bigger buildings in this set.