Industry of War Landing Pad

War World Gaming
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The Industry of War Landing Pad will form a key focal point in your battle for domination. With forcefields protecting any disembarking troops, use this as a position to deploy reinforcements from orbiting dropships. Control the landing pad and you control the arena. Produced from a combination of laser-cut MDF and acrylic. Disclaimer: MDF kits require modelling tools and glue to assemble. Any residual smell from laser cutting will dissipate within a few days.

  • Modular warzone to host your own 20mm-28mm battles by War World Gaming
  • Easy-to-build structure made from laser-cut MDF and acrylic
  • Available pre-painted or unpainted
  • Multi-storey industrial gaming environment
  • Perfect for Warhammer, 40k, Shadow War, Necromunda or any Sci-Fi/Modern 28mm Wargame

Part of the Industry of War range of modular battle environments by War World Gaming. These multi-level arenas recreate the fierce fighting within factory complexes as your armies look to assert their control over vitally important strategic positions. Our easy-to-assemble kits are supplied pre-painted or unpainted and are produced from high quality 3mm laser-cut MDF which can be disassembled once you have defeated your enemies. Industry of War also features a range of highly detailed resin terrain pieces to further enhance and expand the battlefield. Perfect for almost any 20mm - 28mm modern or sci-fi wargame.

Dimensions: 300mm x 300mm x 170mm


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