Jungle Warfare Diorama Kit

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Take your diorama or layout to the next level with our Jungle Warfare Diorama Kit, including basing and detailing grass perfect for layering the diorama, grass tufts, lichen, loose foliage and a selection of palm trees and bunched coconuts for an untamed jungle look and green jute perfect for creating jungle vines.

  • A Selection of Jungle Scenery perfect for Dioramas and Wargaming
  • Perfectly complements our Jungle Warfare Product Range
  • Create an ultra-realistic jungle layout or diorama with our selection of jungle grasses and foliage
  • Kit Contains a range of jungle grasses and floor cover, tufts & strips, lichen, jute, foliage and palm trees and coconut bunches for an authentic jungle look
  • Made in the UK

Jungle Warfare Diorama Kit Contains:

5 x Palm Trees
6 x Coconut Bunches
1 x Jungle Ground Cover Tufts (23) & Strips (4) Set
1 x Large Bag of 2mm Autumn Basing Grass
1 x Large Bag of 4mm Summer Detailing Grass
1 x Large Bag of Jungle Floor Cover
1 x Large Bag of Lichen (Medium Green)
1 x Medium Bag of Loose Foliage (Medium Green)
1 x Small Bag of Jute (Green)