Jungle Warfare Resin Concealed Defensive Positions 

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The Jungle Warfare Resin Concealed Defensive Positions  can provide your troops with shelter from enemy fire or act as objectives that need to be captured to secure the area. The tunnels to hide troops and a punji pit to trap your enemies are wonderfully detailed resin pieces hand-carved by our award-winning design team.

For centuries the Pacific Rim of Fire has been a battleground, from the Dynasties of Ancient China to the Vietnam and Korean wars. Recreate some of the deadliest battles with our Jungle Warfare range, a collection of resin, MDF and scenery materials which replicate the guerrilla warfare tactics that have long been employed to defend the tropical rainforests and jungles of the Pacific.

  • Create your own jungle battlefield with these resin defensive positions
  • Concealed tunnel entrances provide defensive cover, whilst deadly punji pits trap your enemies
  • Ideal for all 28mm/heroic scale tabletop wargames and Pacific military dioramas
  • Designed and sculpted in the award-winning design studio
  • 5 x resin terrain pieces (unpainted)

Jungle Warfare Resin Concealed Defensive Positions Kit 1 Contains:

2 x hidden tunnels with removable entrances (90mm x 65mm x 30mm & 72mm x 50mm x 18mm)

1 x mountain tunnel entrance (73mm x 73mm x 40mm)

1 x punji pit (55mm x 35mm x 10mm)

1 x ammo stash (42mm x 34mm x 10mm)