Normandy Houses

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  • Normandy Houses for Historically Themed Wargaming 
  • Made from Laser Cut MDF and Card in 28mm Scale 
  • Features Internal Detail and Moving Doors 
  • Varied Levels of Destruction Creates a Perfect Narrative-Driven Structure and Strategic Objective 
  • Choose Between each Individual House or the Complete Set of 3 


Normandy Houses are laser cut from MDF and card, and can be used individually, separately, or together for a narrative-driven wargaming layout. Each building has varying levels of destruction and features internal detail and moving doors.

Disclaimer: MDF kits require modelling tools and glue to assemble. Any residual smell from laser cutting will dissipate within a few days.

Choose between the individual Intact, Semi-Destroyed or Destroyed Normandy Houses, or the 3 buildings together as a set.


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