Large MDF Tree Bases (Pack of 2)

War World Gaming
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These Large Tree Bases by War World Gaming are ideal for providing cover for your troops during battle. Not only this, they add depth to any wargame layout. Produced from high quality laser-cut MDF with assembly required. Simply glue the top layer to the base, and then the round bases (with whichever trees you choose) can be easily interchanged to suit your required layout. You no longer need to place your miniatures around fixed trees.

Our range of tree bases have been designed to fit together and be combined to create a larger forested area or can be used as a standalone piece. Available as small, medium or large tree bases or as a set of all sizes (see other listings).

Supplied unpainted and unassembled (trees are sold separately). Check out our incredible range of basing materials to model your tree bases so that they fit into your layout seamlessly.

  • Pack of 2 Large Tree Bases
  • Easily move your trees around your battleboard
  • Ideal for any wargame layout to create a forested area or provide cover
  • Produced from 2mm laser-cut MDF (easy assembly)
  • Supplied unpainted and unassembled (trees are sold separately)

Dimensions (L x W):
19 x 10 cm (Space for 3 Trees)