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This Full Trench System Battlefield Set forms part of the Trench System by War World Gaming, where individual pieces can be combined to create the ultimate trench warfare layout. Designed and produced in our award-winning Design Studio from high quality resin (unpainted) and 2mm laser-cut MDF. Attack oncoming enemies with a variety of firing position trench sections and take cover from enemy attacks with our range of straight and corner trench pieces. MDF flooring adds realism to your layout and the scatter terrain pieces provide objective markers and defensive positions for your troops. Create your trench system exactly how you want it, as each piece can be arranged in many different layouts.

The World at War Trench System by War World Gaming represents the gruelling trench warfare on the Western Front during the Great War. The system was developed to allow you to create whichever trench layout you wish with our range of unique resin trench pieces. Not only that, a large selection of scatter terrain is also available for you to fill up your battleboard with realistic pieces that can also act as objective markers for your troops. Move between the command bunker, the firing positions and around corners to protect your soldiers from incoming shellfire, creating the ultimate trench system.

  • Made from high quality resin (supplied unpainted) and 2mm laser-cut MDF
  • Ideal for any 20mm – 28mm WW1 Western Front military wargame or diorama including Bolt Action, Flames of War and even Warhammer 40k etc.

Set Contains (L x W x H):
10 x Trench Sections (Firing Positions, Straight and Corner Sections)
5 x MDF Flooring Sections
1 x Pill Box
10 x Mixed Damaged Dragon’s Teeth
4 x Bomb Craters
5 x Blasted Tree Stumps
8 x Scatter Terrain Pieces
4 x Barbed Wire Defensive Positions

Disclaimer: Resin material is hand-poured, so some modelling may be required.