World at War Sandbag Scatter Terrain

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These Sand Bag Scatter Terrain Pieces can add realism to your layout or battleboard and used in any WW2 historic military tabletop wargame, such as Bolt Action, Flames of War etc. Produced in our award-winning Design Studio from high quality resin (unpainted), you can create additional objective markers to your gaming board with this set of sand bag scatter terrain pieces.

The World At War range from War World Gaming aims to represent the great battles of the 20th Century, ranging from ruined towns of occupied France, the vast deserts of North Africa, and to the dense jungles of the pacific. The World at War range includes a variety of resin terrain pieces, including defensive positions, Normandy town buildings, dragon’s teeth tank traps, as well as a variety of scenery materials to create authentic landscape layouts for your battleboard.

Ideal for any 20mm – 28mm WW2 historic military wargame or diorama. Suitable for wargames such as Bolt Action, Flames of War and even Warhammer 40k etc.

Kit contains (L x W x H):
2 x Large Sandbag Piece – 65 x 30 mm
2 x Medium Sandbag Piece with Spilling Sand – 53 x 25 mm
2 x Small Sandbag Pile – 35 x 25 mm
2 x Small Full Bags of Sand – 25 x 15 mm

Disclaimer: Resin material is hand-poured, so some modelling may be required.