Pro Grass Box Applicator 

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The Pro Grass Box Applicator by War World Gaming uses the same technology as the other applicators in the War World Gaming Pro Grass Applicator range and is also powered by a 9V battery (not supplied) which provide a static electrical current to charge the static grass fibres, causing them to arrange in a vertical position on your miniature bases or tuft paper, giving a realistic 3D effect. The Pro Grass Box Applicator is efficient with superb results (see images), wireless and only requires a 9v battery (so no unnecessary cables). It has a lightweight design yet is robust, versatile and time-saving (quicker than manually applying static grass – with better results). The Pro Grass Boxes Applicator can be used for: Making grass tufts, Flocking Trees, Adding detail to miniature model bases. Full detailed instructions are also supplied, and we also have tutorial videos available online.

  • Ideal for creating static grass tufts and flowers or adding detail to your miniature bases and wargame battleboard
  • Suitable for 1mm and 6mm static grass
  • For best results, use with War World Gaming Tuft Glue or Basing Glue
  • Produced in the UK and requires a PP3 9V battery (not supplied)