Miniature Footballers - Set of 2 Blitzers

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Armoured, braced and ready for action, the Blitzers are the Gutrot Greenskins star players. Blitzers are very strong and take no prisoners. They're agile, aggressive and lack respect for the rules.

Cheer on the Gutrot Greenskins! Smaller than most men but twice as daring, these little maniacs are vicious, cruel and cunning. The Greenskins have excellent agility and are no stranger to dirty tactics. During a match, Goblins are prone to being squished by larger opponents but come in abundance.

Our set of fantasy football fanatics are hand moulded from high quality resin. This team is perfect for fantasy-based football games but may also be used as a gaming piece or a collectable to paint. For best results, clean in warm soapy water before painting.

Set Contains:
1 x Basher the Blitzer
1 x Slasher the Blitzer

Disclaimer: Resin material is hand-poured, so some modelling may be required.